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VOLUME 39 (2016)

Winter Issue
Rape, Truth, and Hearsay                                                                                                                                                                  Bennett Capers
Of Milk and the Constitution
Mathilde Cohen
Responsible Resource Development and Prevention of Sex Trafficking: Safeguarding Native Women and Children on the Fort Berthold Reservation
Kathleen Finn, Erica Gajda, Thomas Perin, and Carla Fredericksjlg winter 1
Fetal Tissue Research & Abortion Conscription, Commodification, and the Future of Choice
Noah Gimbel
Should Domestic Violence be Decriminalized?
Leigh Goodmark

VOLUME 38 (2015)

Winter Issue
Introduction: Religious Accommodation in the Age of Civil Rights
Nomi Maya Stolzenberg & Douglas NeJaime
Accommodation of Religion Thirty Years On
Mark Tushnet
Hobby Lobby and the Dubious Enterprise of Religious Exemptions
Ira C. Lupu
Religious Accommodation and the Welfare State
Thomas C. Berg
One Cheer for Hobby Lobby: Improbable Alternatives, Truly Strict Scrutiny, and Third-Party Employee Burdens
Frederick Mark Gedicks
Religious Refusals to Public Accommodations Laws: Four Reasons to Say No
Louise Melling
Gendering Corporate Conscience
Elizabeth Sepper
Summer Issue
Feminism in Yellowface
Stewart Chang
The Future of Polyamorous Marriage: Lessons From the Marriage Equality Struggle
Hadar Aviram & Gwendolyn M. Leachman
A Deficiency in Addressing Campus Sexual Assault: The Lack of Women Law Enforcement Officers
Karen Oehme, Nat Stern & Annelise Mennicke
The Long American Plan: The U.S. Government’s Campaign Against Venereal Disease and its Carriers
Scott Wasserman Stern
Why Originalism Needs Critical Theory: Democracy, Language, and Social Power
Annaleigh E. Curtis

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