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VOLUME 40:2: SUMMER 2017

Spring Issue
Liberté, Egalité, Vie Privée: The Implications of France’s Anti-Veil Laws for Privacy and Autonomy
Sofie G. Syed
Ignorance, Intent, and Ideology: Retaliation in Title IX
Annaleigh E. Curtis
Shielding the Deportable Outsider: Exploring the Rape Shield Law as Model Evidentiary Rule for Protecting U Visa Applicants as Witnesses in Criminal Proceedings
Suzan M. Pritchett
Sex Work and the Law in India: Perspectives, Voices and Narratives from the Margins
Dipika Jain & Kimberly Rhoten
Not in the Name of Women’s Safety: Whole Woman’s Health as a Model for Transgender Rights
Shayna Medley


VOLUME 40:1: WINTER 2017

Winter Issue
Responsible Resource Development and Prevention of Sex Trafficking: Safeguarding Native Women and Children on the Fort Berthold Reservation
Kathleen Finn, Erica Gajda, Thomas Perin, and Carla Fredericks
Should Domestic Violence be Decriminalized?
Leigh Goodmark
Of Milk and the Constitution
Mathilde Cohen
Rape, Truth, and Hearsay
Bennett Capers
Fetal Tissue Research & Abortion Conscription, Commodification, and the Future of Choice
Noah Gimbel

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