JLG Student Note Competition

The Journal of Law & Gender is seeking submissions for our spring student note. Submissions should be about the wide world of law and gender, sex, or sexuality. Notes must be no more than 15,000 words. Intersectional notes are especially encouraged. Please remove your name from the file and email to hlsjlg@gmail.com by January 20th at 11:59pm.

The JLG Student Note Competition is a writing competition only open to HLS students. The winner(s) will be published in the Summer 2017 issue of JLG. Feel free to send any questions you have regarding this process, as well as completed submissions, to hlsjlg@mail.law.harvard.edu. For instructions on submission materials, please see below.

Q. What’s a Student Note?
A. A Student Note is a law review article written by an HLS student. Student Notes are no longer than 15,000 words, which is a little shorter than a regular, full-fledged article, but they are otherwise similar in content, consisting of original, in-depth analyses and commentary on a legal or policy issue. Topics and styles can vary quite a bit. For some examples of Notes that JLG has published, check out the old volumes of JLG (http://harvardjlg.com/print-journal/archive/) and take a look at the pieces listed under “Student Writing,” “Notes,” and “Comments.”

Q. What’s the JLG Student Note Competition?
The JLG Student Note Competition is a writing competition whose winner(s) will be published in the Summer 2017 issue of JLG. The Note Competition is open only to HLS students.

Q. What should I be doing now?
Perhaps you have already begun thinking about gender-related legal topics that interest you based on materials you have encountered in class or on your own, and you have begun formulating some original ideas or arguments. If you have not yet begun actual research and/or writing related to such topics, it is probably a good idea to start soon. Keep in mind that you can submit something that you are preparing (or have prepared) for class: think of the papers you have to write for your various classes this semester and see if you can think up of gender-related topics to write about for them.

Q. What’s the selection process like?
The deadline for articles will be January 20, 2017. The Executive Submissions Editors will, along with the JLG Senior Board, pick the winners.

Q. My paper is ready. How do I submit a piece?
Submissions should include your paper along with a cover letter. The cover letter should include:
1. Author’s Name, Year, and Contact information
2. Abstract of the paper
3. Explanation of the papers original contribution, if it is not already in the abstract
Please email your submission (your paper and cover letter) to  hlsjlg@mail.law.harvard.edu with “2017 Student Note Competition” in the email subject line.

Q. I think I may want to submit a piece but I’m not sure. Can I get help?
Yes! Our Senior Board can help with questions and concerns such as: choosing/refining a topic, conducting research and writing, format and style, logistics of writing a paper in conjunction with a seminar or as an independent 2-credit writing project, requirements of the Competition, benefits of publishing, etc. Please contact hlsjlg@mail.law.harvard.edu if you are considering submitting a piece but feel apprehensive for whatever reason. If you decide to submit a note, please send it to  hlsjlg@mail.law.harvard.edu with the above materials.

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