Contributing to the Print Edition

The Harvard Journal of Law & Gender welcomes unsolicited manuscripts and comments on issues relating to gender and the law, feminist jurisprudence, and social equality. Our Article Selection Committee considers submissions on a rolling basis throughout the academic year and during the summer. In compelling circumstances, expedited review may be available at the discretion of the Journal.

The Journal encourages scholarship from throughout the legal and non-legal communities. We accept submissions from professors, practitioners, law students, and others. All pieces are anonymized during the screening process, and the identity of the author will only become known to the staff of the Journal after a publication offer has been extended. For more information on the origins of our anonymized review process, please see the following piece by former Managing Editor, Jonathan Gingerich.

The Journal publishes Articles, Recent Developments, Essays, and Book Reviews. In addition, depending upon the quality of submissions, we may consider publishing Notes and Online Content.

PLEASE NOTE: Authors interested in being published in the Journal must submit their completed manuscripts electronically. All manuscripts should be double-spaced and follow the most recent edition of the Bluebook.

Please send the electronic copy of your submission in .doc or .docx format through ExpressO or to

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