Editorial Board, Volume 38

Charles M. Roslof
H. Corinne Smith

Managing Editor
Lana Birbrair

Executive Content Editors
Lior Anafi
Brein Millea
Sei Young Pyo

Executive Technical Editors
Ellyn Gendler
Lydia Halpern
Marisa Schnaith

Executive Online Content Editor
Yana Mereminsky

Executive Submissions Editors
Leigh Barnwell
Ariel Nelson
Caroline Sacerdote

Operations Manager
Peter Koziol

Assistant Managing Editor
Kendra Albert

Student Writing Chairs
Victoria Abraham
Anna Joseph
Emma Scott

Submissions Manager
Kelsey Bleiweiss

Community & Events Chairs
Gillian Gamberdell
Evelyn Smith
Gillian Teo

Article Editors
Victoria Abraham
Kendra Albert
Kelsey Bleiweiss
Kate Boulton
Ian Campbell
Emily Eaton
Sarah Gitlin
Deanna Parrish
Emma Scott
Awbrey Yost

Online Content Editors
Christina Lee
Monica Mleczko
Jackie Perlow
Hannah Rosenthal
Gillian Teo

Technical Editors
Gillian Gamberdell
Rebecca Gauthier
Amanda Hood
Elizabeth Knox
Christina Lee
Amanda Morejon
Alexandra Santa Ana
Evelyn Smith
Divya Subrahmanyam

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