Editorial Board, Volume 39

Suria Bahadue
Deanna Parrish

Managing Editor*
Kelsey Bleiwess

Assistant Managing Editor
Erika Johnson

Executive Content Editors*

Victoria Abraham

Kendra Albert

Annaleigh Curtis

Gillian Teo

Executive Technical Editors*
Gillian Gamberdell
Annie Kurtz
Samantha Thompson

Development & Community Chair*

Community & Events Chairs
Anne Rosenblum

Executive Online Content Editor*
Caroline Chiappetti

Online Content Editors
Kendra Mells
Katie Sandson

Executive Submissions Editors*
Annaleigh Curtis
Amanda Maria Gomez

Submissions Manager
Phillip Godfrey

Communications Chair*
Aparna Gokhale

Article Editors

Phillip Godfrey
Amanda Maria Gomez
Mariel Hooper
Catherine Humphreville
Erika Johnson
Annie Kurtz
Helen Rave

Julie Petiford
Emily Robey-Phillips

Kelly Jo Popkin


 * indicates Senior Board member

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