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The Harvard Journal of Law and Gender 2013 Student Note Competition

The Harvard Journal of Law & Gender invites you to apply for our student note competition! The student note competition is a writing competition open only to HLS students. The winning article will be published in our Summer 2013 volume, after going through the Journal’s full editing process along with the volume’s other articles.

A student note is a law review article written by a student, typically 20-35 pages (a bit shorter than a regular article) but similar in content: original, in-depth analysis and commentary on a legal or policy issue. Like a regular law review article, it will be fully footnoted/cited. Topics and styles can very; the only requirement is that your note be written on some gender-related issue.

Your note can be an expansion of a paper for a class or seminar, or something completely separate. If you haven’t begun actual research and/or writing, it is probably a good idea to start soon! If you need help generating or refining ideas, need a set of eyes to look over a draft, or would like to have other JLG members workshop your article, the Student Writing Committee (Liz Jensen, Kate Aizpuru and Brooke Willig) would be happy to help you.

The deadline for articles will be Friday, January 25. The Student Writing Chairs will, along with the senior board, pick the winners, and offers will be made by Tuesday, January 29.  

You can submit your note to Be sure to put “2013 STUDENT NOTE COMPETITION” in all capital letters in the subject line. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to contact the Student Writing Committee at

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