Summer 2012 Articles Posted

The articles from Volume 35:2 (Summer 2012) of the Harvard Journal of Law and Gender have been posted.  You can view the articles by clicking the links below.

No End in Sight: Why the "End Demand" Movement is the Wrong Focus for Efforts to Eliminate Human Trafficking, by Stephanie Berger

Gendered (In)security: Migration and Criminalization in the Security State, by Pooja Gehi

Tempering Idealism with Realism: Using Restorative Justice Processes to Promote Acceptance of Responsibility in Cases of Intimate Partner Violence, by C. Quince Hopkins

A Non-Medicalized Medical Deduction?: O'Donnabhain v. Commissioner and the I.R.S.'s Understanding of Transgender Medical Care, by Lauren Herman

Trans-cending Space in Women's Only Spaces: Title IX Cannot Be the Basis for Exclusion, by Katherine Kraschel

Lost in Transition: The Challenges of Remedying Transgender Employment Discrimination Under Title VII, by Jason Lee

The Massachusetts Transgender Equal Rights Bill: Formal Legal Equality in a Transphobic System, by Jean Strout

Transgenderless, by Stevie V. Tran and Elizabeth M. Glazer

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