Unsex Mothering: Online Colloquium

 For those who missed our conference on February 13th, please see the live blog and a video of the conference.

On Monday, February 13, 2012, the Harvard Journal of Law & Gender hosted a conference at Harvard Law School featuring Darren Rosenblum’s article Unsex Mothering: Toward a New Culture of Parenting, published in the journal’s Winter 2012 edition. The author discussed his piece, with responses from Professor Duncan Kennedy (HLS), Professor Mary Anne Case (U. Chicago), Professor Elizabeth Emens (Columbia), Professor Suzanne Kim (Rutgers), and Katherine Kraschel (HLS ’12).

The journal also solicited written responses from twenty scholars in the field for an online colloquium. These responses are linked below. To read Unsex Mothering, please click here.


Libby Adler
Bennett Capers
Glenn Cohen
Ariela Gross
Berta Esperanza Hernández-Truyol
Beth Jones
Suzanne A. Kim
Katherine Kraschel
Naomi Mezey
Kimberly Mutcherson
Theodore Andrew Myhre
Fernanda G. Nicola
Camille Gear Rich
Elizabeth M. Schneider
Julie Shapiro
Katharine Silbaugh
Kellye Testy
Mary Whisner

Many thanks to the JLG staff who edited these responses, including Misty Wright ’13 (Article Editor), Corey Smith ’14 (Technical Editor), Alletta Brenner ’14, Sabreena El-Amin ’14, Addar Weintraub ’14, and Jamie Kapalko ’13 (Online Content Editor).

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  1. These responses provide such a broad range of perspectives. After working on this piece since last spring, JLG is so grateful to publish scholarly responses!

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